Hypnosis For
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As a Hypnotist every time I perform or every time I discuss hypnosis with anyone I get asked
Something like.

"I know people use hypnosis for stopping smoking and weight loss
but can I use hypnosis for    (insert topic here)"

Here is my standard answer:   "Is that controlled by your brain?"

If the answer is yes  then you can probably use  hypnosis for this condition as long as you are human and as long as you are "open" to this change.

I have used hypnosis for the following matters and more listed below.
However to see a comprehensive list of  human  challenges or desires that I you can use hypnosis for or that have a hypnosis program for



Weight Loss


Sports, football, baseball, basketball, bowling, golf, swimming, volleyball and more

Self Confidence in a pretty much area of life that someone would  need help

Sports (my favorite areas of hypnosis)

Health and healing.

Pain control


Improving grades

Eliminate Math Anxiety

Boosting memory
A variety of anxiety issues

Hypnosis for entertainment (as in comedy hypnosis shows)

And the list of issues that I have used hypnosis for go  on and on