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If you are looking to make an immediate improvement in the quality of your life, hypnosis will help you "get your head right" so that you can go from wherever you are in your life to where you want to be...

Especially if you want to stop smoking, lose weight, sleep better, boost your confidence, improve your focus, get over your fears, heal yourself, or work on your, "mental game."

I have several hypnosis books,  mp3s, CDs and programs that can help even YOU.

Please CLICK the subject below to read more about them and to order the hypnosis program that is appropriate for you.

Having Trouble Sleeping?

Everyone knows that with hypnosis you can sleep very quickly and deeply so if you have a sleeping problem, if you
suffer from insomnia, have trouble quieting your racing mind and calming down or staying asleep. You will be surprised by how quickly and effectively my hypnosis CD will help even you.

Are You Overweight? Need To Lose A Few Pounds? Ok, Maybe MORE Than A FEW Pounds?

Hypnosis Can help You Lose Weight Very Quickly By Changing How You Think and  FEEL About Certain Foods (especially fattening foods, junk foods, fast foods and foods that CONTROL YOU and "make you" eat them. 
Weight Loss

Are You Ready To Finally
Stop Smoking?

I have 3 different hypnosis programs and they all help people stop smoking very quickly and EASILY!

MEN Stop Smoking for very different reasons then women do.  If you are a man and you want to quit smoking forever, I  have a stop smoking with hypnosis CD specifically for men, click below to learn more.
Stop Smoking For MEN

WOMEN Stop Smoking for very different women then men do.  If you are a women and you want to quit smoking forever, I have a stop smoking with hypnosis CD specifically for women, click below.
Stop Smoking For WOMEN

Stop Smoking For Rock and Roll Fans and Musicians using hypnosis: If you are a rock and roll fan or musician and you smoke and want to become an ex smoker. I have the solution that YOU need!  I created a stop smoking program specially for rock and roll fans and musicians because if you are into ROCK AND ROLL.  Smoking, drinking, partying and other destructive behavior is usually part of your lifestyle.   However if you no longer want to smoke and just haven't been able to "break the chains" and do it on your own. My stop smoking for rock and rollers will help. And don't worry you won't turn into a big sissy and start listening to Kenny G! (After all there are some things that are worse then lung cancer or a heart attack)
Rock and Roll Fans and Musicians. I have a STOP SMOKING program just for you.

Got Stage Fright?

Do you get scared When You Even THINK of Making a Speech or Getting on a Stage or Performing in Front of People?
Are you afraid to speak in front of people or sing, dance, play a musical instrument on stage?
You have a problem with STAGE FRIGHT!  You really need
Hypnosis To Overcome Fear of Public Speaking
there are programs on this page  for  musicians, singers, dancers and other performers too

Self Confidence For MEN with hypnosis.
Every man can use some degree of improved confidence
Click Here To Boost Your Confdence

Self Confidence For WOMEN with hypnosis.
Improve Your Self Esteem and Self Worth
Use the amazing power of hypnosis to help you improve your relationships and your life.
CLICK HERE To Boost Your Self Confidence and Self Esteem

Real Estate Agents
Peak Performance Mega Success Programming Switch On Incredible
Self Confidence.
Real Estate Agents Self Confidence

Memory Improvement
Hypnosis Can Help You Improve Your Memory By Using More of Your Brain Power
Memory Improvement

Got Pain?  Wanna Get Out of Pain?

You will probably think that this is b.s. But that's only because you have been hypnotized by the media and the drug companies to believe that the only solution to pain is  drugs and surgery.

Your mind is so powerful that with hypnosis you can actually block pain, stimulate healing and more. Using the power of your brain to help you get out of pain is SAFER than pain medications. To find out more click on the link below.
Get Out of Pain

Self Confidence / Eliminate Stage Fright For Comedians With Hypnosis

Are you a comedian or a budding comedian with stage fright or performance anxiety? Do you lack self confidence?
This program can make a big difference in your life.
Super Self Confidence for Comedians

Self Confidence / Eliminate Stage Fright For Actors

Are you an actor who could use some help with your self confidence? Do you get stage fright when you have to audition. This hypnosis CD can help actors and actresses of every level.
Super Self Confidence For Actors

Do you Need More FOCUS & More Confidence
Especially in a Tournament?
Super Mental Toughness For Bowlers Is The Hypnosis Program That YOU Need!

Bowlers Bowl Better When they are focused and in the ZONE
Super Mental Toughness For Bowling  CD

Baseball Players Mental Game Secrets Revealed

BASEBALL is 90% mental. This amazing program is used by many very well known major league baseball players and it helps baseball players of any level to FOCUS, stay confident
and play baseball, "IN THE ZONE"
Super Mental Toughness For Baseball

Are You a Tax Procrastinator

Still haven't done your taxes?  Do you always procrastinate?  Do taxes cause you a lot of stress and anxiety.This program can help even you.
Tax Stress and Anxiety Relief

Golfers Want To Hit Longer Straighter Drives, Stay Focused and Lower Your Score
This amazing program will help YOU to golf at your best

Super Mental Toughness For Golf CD and Mp3

Job Interview Confidence

If you choke during job interviews and could  use  some help. Hypnosis can help
Hypnosis For Job Interviews

Hypnosis For Women Who Are Bothered by Hot flashes from Menopause

I have an amazing program that will help you train your mind to regulate your body temperature.
Hypnosis For Women - Eliminate Hot Flashes

Struggling With MATH?

If you or your child HATES MATH and struggles with math.... I mean REALLY, REALLY, REALLY HATES MATH! This  wonderful hypnosis program will help you RELAX and disconnect from all of your horrible, FRUSTRATING feelings about math so that you can actually learn to be comfortable working with numbers and dealing with math.  This is the ONLY program of its kind and it WORKS!!!
Hypnosis for Math Anxiety and Math Phobia

Test Anxiety?

Do you  freak out and  get so nervous when it comes to  taking tests that you freeze up and do poorly even though you studied? This program is your solution.
Hypnosis For Test Anxiety Exam Anxiety

Attract Love

Do you need love? Are you having trouble finding it?  This may be part of your answer.
Hypnosis For Attracting Love

Need Help With Your Creativity?

HOW Even YOU Can THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX And Boost Your Creativity Using Hypnosis
And Boost Your Creativity

The Ultimate Super Mental Toughness For Football With Hypnosis
This amazing program is used by many very well known NFL Football players and it helps football players of any level to FOCUS, stay confident and play football, "IN THE ZONE"
To learn more about how you can play football as the Maximum YOU!

Quit Chewing / Dipping Tobacco
If you chew or dip tobacco and want to stop forever so that your wife will kiss you again. This hypnosis program will help you stop dipping or chewing.
How To Stop / Quit Chewing and Dipping Tobacco
Quickly and Easily With Power Hypnosis CD

Exercise Motivation For Men
If you are a man who needs motivation to exercise. 
You need this incredible  hypnosis program. It MAKES YOU Make Exercise a Priority
So that you actually exercise instead or just dream about it.
Take a look at my hypnosis CD / mp3 program
Exercise Motivation For Men.

Super Self Confidence For Geeks
Get Super Self Confidence For Geeks Now

Unstress For Success
Instant Relief From Stress, Tension and Anxiety
With Hypnosis CD / Mp3
If you are suffering from stress and anxiety
you need this hypnosis program NOW!
Unstress For Success

There are hypnosis CDs mp3s and other hypnosis programs on my other site

that are for weight loss, stress reduction, self confidence, memory improvement etc

to view them click here

My name is Chris Cady. I'm a hypnotherapist and hypnotist based out of Reno, Nevada USA.
I filmed this video for my hypnosis programs while I was in Russia. For some reason the compression does not make the video look very nice and you will hear the fatigue in my voice. But I put it here anyway because the castle in the background is very cool. (Plus by shooting a commercial
I get to write my trip off ( wink, wink)   I hope that you enjoy the video. These hypnosis CDs and mp3s are  really incredible and they will improve the quality of your life very quickly.
hypnosis stage fright for public speaking hypnosis cd and book cover
hypnosis stop smoking for rock and roll fans with hypnosis program
hypnosis self confidence for men cd mps
hypnosis for memory cd mp3
sleep insomnia with hypnosis Cd  mp3
hypnosis self confidence for women cd mp3
hypnosis cd and book cover for self confidence for comedians with hypnosis
hypnosis for bowlers focus confidence bowling more strikes cd mp3
hypnosis for golf mental game cd mp3
hypnosis mental toughness for baseball players hypnosis cd and book cover
hypnosis mental toughness for football players hypnosis cd and book cover
unstress for success with hypnosis cd mp3 download program
self confidence for geeks with hypnosis cd mp3 program
exercise motivation for men with hypnosis
hypnosis for real estate agents self confidence success hypnosis cd and book cover
hypnosis for quitting chewing dipping tobaco cd mp3
hypnosis stage fright for djs and karaoke hosts hypnosis cd and book cover
hypnosis stage fright for guitar players hypnosis cd and book cover
hypnosis stage fright for bass players hypnosis cd and book cover
hypnosis stage fright for piano players hypnosis cd and book cover
hypnosis stage fright for public singers hypnosis cd and book cover
hypnosis stop smoking for men cd mp3
hypnosis weight loss cd mp3 for men and women