hypnotherapy questions
Hypnotherapy Questions

If you came here looking for


I am not offering Hypnotherapy.

My focus these days  is performing  comedy hypnosis shows

So this information is  just   fyi

While most people only seem to associate hypnosis with weight loss and stopping smoking,

Hypnotherapy is HIGHLY effective for most human conditions including  better sleep, stress

reduction, self confidence, focus, anxiety, getting rid of any sort of FEAR or phobia, healing illnesses and

diseases, improved sports and music performance.... YOU NAME IT!

Your success or failure will be based on many variables

the biggest one is


When I say that I mean,  YOUR OWN desire and not someone else's desire for you to overcome the challenge, habit etc that you are looking to fix using hypnosis.

The other variables have to do with the Hypnotherapists ability to  "jell with you"  and make you

comfortable and  figure out what makes you tick.

Your ability to be honest with your Hypnotherapist and discuss your REAL motivations and YOUR REAL GOALS!


Well there is no last. There are too many variables to list.

But here is the deal amigos. If you seek hypnotherapy with ME.

I will tell you this


The smarter that you are  the EASIER it is for you to become hypnotized because hypnosis requires  concentration.

Creative people are VERY EASY to hypnotize and  ANAL-lytical ( did you catch that)  people  are a bit more difficult and require a special approach.

If you are an engineer type, doctor, accountant, financial person, teacher, scientist, someone with a strong need for control, or someone who naturally wants to "over think" things and figure everything out...  that puts you into the  ANAL-lytical category which means that I will need to use my super secret techniques with you that  most other hypnotherapists  don't have a clue about.

A few more things about hypnosis and hypnotherapy:

You also cannot get stuck in hypnosis.

There is no danger unless you are completely stupid and listen to a hypnosis program while you are driving your car, motorcycle, bike etc, because the first thing that I do is tell you to close your eyes.