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hypnosis show Comedy Hypnotist Chris Cady with watch available  www.chriscady.com
Here are some videos of my hypnosis show (hypnotism show) dvds and videos.
They are posted for you to enjoy and so that you can get a sneak peak of
what my comedy hypnosis show is like in the event you want to see my performing live somewhere or you want to hire me for a private event.

Enjoy these videos. Hypnosis is the most unique interactive show anywhere.

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hypnosis hypnotized martians in chris cadys  tahoe show get hypnotized now playing in tahoe  in 2011
I hope you enjoyed watching these
hypnosis videos

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-Chris Cady
Master Hypnotist
Here is a hypnosis  TV news story. There are more hypnosis show videos down below

This last "hypnosis video" I put here just for fun. I was at a beach in Northern California called "Stump Beach" I pulled out my harmonica and started messing around and suddenly a sea lion appeared. Then a second one that is of camera showed up.   They appeared to be interested in the music. I guess it got their attention and they  wondered 'what animal makes this mind of sounds.  I was afraid it might be a "mating call"  and I might find myself in a bit of trouble with the sea monsters so I split.   I hope you enjoy it.
This hypnosis video is a brief interview after my show in Reno with a nice lady who was hypnotized along with her mother for her birthday.
College Kids hypnotized. This video is of a hypnosis show that I performed for a college.
Here are several clips of my comedy hypnosis shows. Enjoy.
Here is a bit from one of my hypnosis shows that I performed for a grad night party.

Here is a routine from one of my hypnosis shows where I told these women they are guitar players. I remember right after this show. One of the ladies called her grandmother from the lobby to tell her she just had the most fun she had ever had in her life.