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Master Hypnotist Chris Cady's

Unusual "out of the box" seminars workshops training's

In addition to my comedy hypnosis shows

I conduct some of the most unusual workshops, seminars and training's ever created

for corporate and private groups. Many of these are fortune 500 companies who are looking for an entertainer or a  training that is "out of the box." Because Reno is located so close to Silicon Valley, San Francisco, Los Angeles and Seattle and because many of the more creative and innovative American companies are located there, I tend to perform for or conduct most of my hypnosis seminars for companies located there.

Hiring me is like hiring someone who is Stephen Covey meets Tony Robbins meets David Copperfield meets a game show host like Howie Mandell.

I'm certainly not for everyone and I don't care to be.

These unusual workshops, seminars and training's

include topics such as

The Ultimate Creativity Breakthrough:
Thinking outside of the box for myopic minded corporate executives. (if your company or your products are stagnant, that's probably most of the people who work for you and this will be like adding rocket fuel to their creative juices)

I also  conduct seminars for:

Better Sleep (so that your team members can quiet their mind and body quickly and get a great nights sleep)
Overcome Fear Of Public Speaking

Overcome Fear of Failure

Stress Reduction

Creativity Enhancement

Super Self Confidence

The Mental Game of Sports

Stimulating Good Health

Stopping Smoking

Team Building

All of my unusual seminars workshops and training's involve hypnosis.

They are fun, inspiring, and get results!

They are not for average companies. The only companies who hire me are companies who are on the cutting edge. Ultra conservative non innovative companies will shy away from me and will continue to hire ineffective public speakers who inspire people for about a day.  These folks can only regurgitate information from a book. They are not hypnotists and don't understand how to bring about lasting change within people in a fun, dynamic, engaging way.

I do.

My workshops are loved by sales people, creative people, folks who want to lighten up and even the engineers. But they will make your ultra uptight accounting, legal department and most of your micro-manager nit-picky black and white thinking admin types very uncomfortable.  Not because we are doing things that are dangerous but only because they will be knocked "out of their comfort zone"
(If you have noticed all the errors and typos on this page, you are one of them)

My unusual seminars and workshops have been responsible for breakthroughs inside and outside of the workplace. Inventions  that I wish I had negotiated a royalty for, team members improving relationships inside and outside of work, increased sales, increased "well being" and more.

I have been conducting these in Tahoe  Reno  and in the Silicon Valley (I call it the Silly-con valley) for many years and yes I will travel to you as long as you can afford me.  (Most of you will not be able to)

If you are interested in any of my unusual workshops for your companies event, call our office at.


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