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If you are looking to use hypnosis to attract love or just feel love or if you want to be a LOVE MAGNET
Hereís something you can do on your own as often as you want that involves hypnosis and love.
You cant overdose on love or on hypnosis so use it as often as you want.
Warning:  feeling this happy  may result in attracting new friends, lovers or even getting offered a job as a game show host.
Love and Hypnosis
Hypnosis and Love

Women always ask me about the connection between hypnosis and love.
Men never do.

Hypnosis is an altered state of mindÖ Love alters your state of mind.

A Lama once told me: "In America too much time and money is spent on building the mind and the body and not enough is spent on neutering the heart."

I believe him and, thatís possibly  why youíre reading this.


Its so emotional
The word can
alter your day. It might make you cry, but chances are it will bring a smile to your face, make you feel warm on the inside and  do the happy dance.

The Beatles, Bryan Adams,  Journey, Lionel Richie, Bob Marley, Garth, Nat King Cole, Tesla,Temptations and a million others wrote songs about love and all of the best  stories involve a love story.

After every hypnosis show I speak with my volunteers in the hotel lobby and when I ask them to tell me about their experience being hypnotized in my show at least one of the women volunteers will say something to the effect of, " I feel so loved"

Men will say, " I feel awesome."   I wonder if itís the same feeling  interpreted differently.

The feeling one gets in hypnosis and the feeling that one gets from love are probably the same. Its one of euphoria, elation, harmony and bliss.
What a great side effect from being hypnotized.
IĎve heard it called, "Drunk in love"
Even the most hardened skeptics would probably agree that even though there is no scientific proof of this,  LOVE  is a real force in the world. Itís a real magical, mystical invisible force, just like gravity, just like a magnet, just like any other energy. 

When you love what you do, you look forward to the day. When you love your work you look forward to your work, when you love the person or people that you are with everything is better. When you are in a room with loving people an amazing magical energy takes over.  Youíll feel this love in church, you might feel it in a comedy club or in mother nature and youíll certainly find it in my show. Between the energy generated by the  hypnosis and the laughter and the comedy  you canít help it.

Usually when women ask me about love and hypnosis they want to know how to use hypnosis to make someone fall in love with them or they want to feel love(d)  because this is missing in their life or they want to know how to use hypnosis to attract love.

You can indeed use hypnosis to do so and you can also do the things that you love and chances are, "love will find you"
To quote the band Tesla, " Love Is Gonna Find a Way, Just Open Your Heart"

As for me

I love being at the beach, so its no surprise that I met my wife there and quickly fell in love.  I love my occupation, I love music, art, comedy, nature, animals and all things magical and  creative. And so  music, art, creative people and opportunity surrounding these things  just come to me like metal to an electromagnet.

If you are reading this you are probably aware that I used to  perform a comedy hypnosis show at a casino hotel In South Lake Tahoe. Tahoe  is a majestic place, perhaps the most wonderful magical place on the planet. All of my time spent there
is pure magic.

People come to Lake Tahoe and fall in love. Some fall in  love with Tahoe, some fall in love because they are in Tahoe.

Love is everywhere in Tahoe, just take a breath.  Inhale the forest, dip your hands in the water or look to the sky. You will feel it.

Tahoe is a magnet for lovers, weddings are abundant and Valentines Day is one of the busiest days of the year in Tahoe.  Itís not so in other cities. Just see what happens starting at noon on Fridays in San Francisco, San Jose or Los Angeles.   The folks evacuate. many head for Tahoe and other places that feel like love.

So If you came here looking to find some way to use hypnosis to attract love. I can help you with that. Or you can work on it yourself.
Normally I sell a hypnosis CD that helps you attract love. 

Governments have  lots of laws against love (thereís more money to be made from hate)  but our government has yet to find a way to tax or legislate  the feeling of love ( if they ever do you can bet  Iíll get a visit from Seal Team 6) but until then you are free to use this as much as youíd love to.

So if you are looking to use hypnosis to attract love or just feel love or if you want to be a LOVE MAGNET

Hereís something you can do on your own as often as you want that involves hypnosis and love.

You cant overdose on love or on hypnosis so use it as often as you want.
Warning:  feeling this happy  may result in attracting new friends, lovers or even getting offered a job as a game show host.

Getting started:
Donít be in a hurry. Its Ok to take your time.

If youíre an American you  probably  donít get much time to yourself, and chances are you  want an instant result and you were really  hoping  to swallow a magic pill that would  instantly flip on  a "love switch" and get the love flowing.

It might work for you that way but chances are youíll actually need at least 5 whole  minutes.
So take some time out of your day and pretend your on an island (like Gilligan) and you suddenly have a lot of time.

Again Donít be in a hurry. Its Ok to take your time.
Hereís your love attraction instructions

1) Read a love poem and then put on a love song. Not a sad  heartbreaking one. One thatís optimistic and  brings a smile to your face.  The choices are endless.  Now dim the lightsÖ

2) Close your eyes and  take 3 deep long slow breathsÖ

3)  In your mind, pick  someone or something that you love or something you love to do.  Something or someone that makes you so happy that all you feel is love. It might be a person or a pet. Whatever it is for YOU.  Feel the love that you get and let that feeling of love spread all over your body.

5) Make this picture bigger and bolder in your mind and body.

6) Enjoy and savor and simmer in that feeling until you feel as if you are glowing with love. Hug yourself  then let your arms spread wide. You may find yourself rocking or reaching for heaven.

7) Tell yourself that you are radiating  love into the world the way that a heater radiates heat into a cold room. Put that big smile on your face and then place it in your heart.

8) Notice how wonderful you feel and then open your eyes and go into the world and notice the difference.  Strangers  will smile at you, animals and children will come to you. Doves will arrive. Youíll get compliments on your appearance and you will feel more relaxed and self assured.

9) Avoid talk radio, the bad news headlines in the morning and the 11oclock news for as long as you can. A lifetime of missing the 11oclock news never hurt anyone.  Itís the longest running TV program in the world, probably responsible for most of your nightmares and its only there to confirm what you already know. There is nothing worse for your, "love buzz" then  hearing and seeing images of evil before going to bed and its probably the biggest  anti-aphrodisiac that ever existed.  You are far better off watching something funny or romantic and  ending the day and starting the next one  listening to your favorite love song or saying a little prayer or reading a love poem.

10) Say, "I love you" and FEEL IT! 
If you wanna do something really weird look in the mirror and say it and feel it.
(Just donít let anyone see you or youíll get locked up) It may have been so song since you felt it that this might be uncomfortable for a while.

11)  HAVE A HAPPY HEART!  You probably havenít heard this before. A wonderful  person told me this 5 years ago and I have felt it ever since.

12) Stop Smoking: Cigarette smoke is Love repellant.

Good things will happen.  When good things happen. Pay attention with interest. Donít be a dope and dismiss it as a coincidence. It is not.
It will be as a result of putting different thoughts and feelings into your body and soul. It will be as a result of hypnosis, love, magic, spirit and anything else you want to call it. Just trust me on this.

If you need more help I have a wonderful  Attract Love Hypnosis CD  that will help you find your way but if you did what I just told you  probably wont need it anyway

Please email me your results:  my email is   superhypnotist@sbcglobal.net    or come to one of my comedy hypnosis shows  and tell me about it afterwards. Youíll usually see me in the lobby right after  each hypnosis show  just outside the showroom doors.  Iíll be there waiting with a big smile.

Chris Cady

Master Hypnotist
Chris Cady

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