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"Hypnosis IS The Absolute Fastest Way To End Your Insomnia And Get A GREAT Nights Sleep"

How To Sleep Instantly, Wonderfully and Deeply
All Night Long!
If YOU need better SLEEP
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If you have problems sleeping, if you toss and turn, if you have trouble turning off your racing mind, if you have insomnia, sleep apnea restless legs syndrome, trouble staying asleep, "ADD'  or any other sleeping disorder. This hypnosis CD or Mp3 download will change your life.

It is my best selling hypnosis program and  it WORKS VERY QUICKLY

I originally invented the instant sleep hypnosis program it for myself because I  had a significant problem with insomnia. I have always been a "night owl" and as a child I had sleeping problems and I  tossed and turned for hours.  Before I invented my own cure for insomnia my creating this CD / mp3 download. I tried all sorts of "insomnia cures"  none of them worked except for this hypnosis program.   Originally I used another hypnosis sleep CD that was made by someone else but I did not really like their voice or the music that was on it so I made my own. I improved many of the words on the CD / mp3 because they were more pleasing and relaxing and I  used music that I found to be far more soothing.

As a result I basically invented  a much better hypnosis program for overcoming insomnia because it works very quickly and it allows me to get to sleep very quickly and I sleep much deeper.

Now as an adult who lives in a 24 hour town like Reno Nevada, I enjoy staying up half the night and reading or working when there are no distractions  but whenever I actually have to get up early for something or If I'm traveling, I listen to this Instant  Sleep CD program and In under 5 minutes my mind calms down and my  body completely relaxes and I drift off into a wonderful restful good nights sleep.  I sleep deeply all night long.

So If you have insomnia or any sort of  sleeping problem and you want a solution this is the safest one available.

Please remember this. Michael Jackson died because he was looking for a way to cure his insomnia and get a good nights sleep.  I wish he had known about my CD but instead he used a dangerous medication and it cost him his life.  What a shame.


All you do is listen at bedtime with or without headphones and my soft relaxing voice spoken gently over soft peaceful guitar and piano music will guide you into a relaxed state of mind and body and you will sleep soundly until its time for you to wake up. If you use this wonderful sleep CD or mp3 program you wont need any sort of alcohol, pills, pot or medication. The mind controls the body and this hypnosis program gets your mind and body calm and quiet very quickly far better then any sleep medication.

Its 100% Guaranteed
to give you a wonderful nights sleep every time that you use it.
Here is my guarantee.

If for any reason that you feel that this Instant Sleep CD mp3 program  does not help you  immediately cure your insomnia problem and drift off to  sleep between 30 seconds and  5 minutes... If you are not experiencing better sleep immediately. If you feel it just does not work. Simply sent it back and  I will promptly refund your money. However if you do send back the instant sleep CD program you will be the first person to ever do  so because I have never had a request for a refund on this program.

This program uses hypnosis to guide you into a wonderful restful sleep. Its the safest sleep aid available for insomnia. Unlike all of the medications there are absolutely no harmful  side effects and you cannot get stuck in hypnosis.  You will wake up at whatever time you are scheduled too.
Why not give it a try the only thing you might lose is a sleepless night.

"I can't express my happiness enough at the improvement in my sleep
Sandie Charles, Sparks, NV

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