San Jose Santa Clara Silicon Valley Entertainment Hypnotist
If you are looking for a hypnotist In San Jose California to to provide entertainment for your next corporate, company or private event or party.

I just may be the hypnotist you are looking for

I frequently perform my comedy hypnosis shows in the finer hotels, country clubs and convention centers
  in The San Jose, Santa Clara, Milpitas, Cupertino, Los Gatos, San Mateo,  Santa Clara County, Menlo Park, Atherton area for  a variety of Silicon Valley area companies.
I have also performed for several schools in the area. A few years ago I performed at the Santa Clara County Fair so if you were there, then you saw me.

If you are holding a company, school  or private event and looking for a hypnotist to provide entertainment for you
Take a look at my demo hypnosis show video on my home page and then

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Hypnotist in San Jose, Santa Clara, San Mateo California
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San Jose Companies, Golf Courses, Groups in San Jose, Santa Clara, Menlo Park
or any business in  Santa Clara County  Or San Mateo area
When you
are looking for
FUN, Memorable
and Interactive entertainment
for your company
That comes in the form of a hypnotist who will perform a hypnosis show
You probably don't care where
the hypnotist has performed in the past

All you really want is
a fun & usually  "corporate clean"

But someone told me
you might want to know
where I have provided corporate
entertainment in the past
Here is a list
of just a few
of the numerous
hotels, banquet facilities
and clubs in the San Jose, Santa Clara, San Mateo Area
where I have
provided "clean"corporate entertainment
my comedy hypnosis shows
over the years:

Great America

San Jose Mattiott
Hilton Santa Clara
Hyatt Regency Santa Clara
La Rinconada Country Club
Fairmont Hotel San Jose
Hilton San Jose
Embassy Suites San Jose
Saratoga Springs
Cyperss Hotel
Convention Plaza
Sheraton San Jose
Windham San Jose
San Jose Country Club
Cinnabar Hills Country Club
Marriott Santa Clara

And the "castles" of many of
your successful residents living in Los Gatos,
And Saratoga.

As you can see
I have entertained in San Jose
and all over Silicon Valley.

What's far more important is
Be sure to watch my
show video so that you will
have a good idea of how much fun my hypnosis show
will be for your companies party.

People of San Jose. You've heard of "The Pirates of Silicon Valley?" Well  this is the Turkeys of Silicon Valley"
The above video has nothing to do with my hypnosis shows but I thought that you might enjoy it.
I performed 10 hypnosis shows at the Santa Clara County Fair in San Jose California. About 100 feet from my stage was a 4-H club  exhibit with several  farm animals. Between shows I noticed a turkey being walked by a young boy. I have never seen a turkey being walked before  and would never expect to see such a thing in a place like San Jose so I ran off the stage to see what it was all about.  My wife likes it so much she thinks I should give up this "hypnosis thing" and  go into making documentaries like Michael Moore...  Enjoy.
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