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Attention Women

Amazing New Hypnosis MP3 DOWNLOAD or CD Gives YOU Unshakable Feelings of
Self-Esteem, Self-Confidence, Emotional Strength & Power
  In Any Situation Almost Instantly!

It's specially designed, created and recorded for WOMEN  who can use a giant boost in their self-esteem and self-confidence so that you can LIVE YOUR DREAMS!

And if It does not work, you can see it for FREE

I know that it may not seem like it
Fear and Weakness IS a choice!
Trying to get ahead when your mind is filled with  FEAR, SELF- DOUBT, AND INDECISION,
is like trying to win a race with one foot on the gas and one on the BREAK!

How Would You Like Incredible Levels of Self-Esteem  and Self-Confidence
every minute of  your life so that you can instantly flip a switch, drop your baggage, flip off unsupportable feelings of fear, shyness, negativity, anxiety  and hesitation...

And "switch on" Incredible Confidence, Focus, Drive and Joy

So That YOU control your future so that you can get everything that you want.

You don’t need medication, You don’t need a shrink..

Just ask yourself right now.

Are you living  your FEARS instead of living your DREAMS?

Are you living two lives?   Is one of those lives the one that you DREAM about
while the other life is the one that you ACTUALLY live?

Are you shy or easily intimidated by other people?

When you walk into a room do you dominate the room and command attention and respect or do you shrink?

Are you are tired of being stepped on and not standing up for yourself...

Are you held back by fears?

Do you have excuses, limits and mental blocks that  shut, slam, lock, seal and barricade  the  door to your dreams?

If you feel that you are being held back by low self-esteem,   lack of self confidence, fear of failure, rejection, having to be perfect,  hesitation, over thinking, indecision, fear of making a mistake, fear of ridicule, not feeling worthy, fear of stepping up and asking for what you want, fear of approaching and interacting with new people (male or female)  or you just need more self confidence / self esteem in general so that you can LOOK AND FEEL YOUR BEST!

There is a very good chance that YOU NEED MORE CONFIDENCE AND HIGHER SELF ESTEEM!!!

Having  high levels of self-confidence and self-esteem will make all the difference in the world in helping take you from where  you are in your life today to where you want to be almost immediately.

What you are about to learn about will empower you, your sister, daughter, mother, and all of your girlfriends too.

So keep reading

What is it that Successful WOMEN have that you don’t?

They MIGHT be smarter, have a prettier face, a better shape, more money, talent, connections, better hair, a wealthy family,  higher education or good luck.

They might know all the right people or even have a rich and powerful man who can help them.

But chances are that what they REALLY  have is  a very high level of SELF CONFIDENCE and SELF ESTEEM!

It is this FEELING of self-confidence that guides them in every area of their life.

This is true because without a very high level of  self-esteem and self-confidence, none of those things mentioned above matter.

If you don't have high self-esteem and self-confidence, there is no amount of plastic surgery, cosmetics, nails, lip plumping, boob enhancing, hair styling, tanning, weight loss, watching reruns of Oprah, or shopping for new clothing, shoes or jewelry that will help you FEEL better for more than a few days.
The successful women that you hear about already have high self esteem and self confidence.

The good news is that YOU CAN HAVE IT TOO!

It does not matter where you are in your life right now because
having very high levels of self-confidence and self- esteem will help you get what you want out of life.

If you TAKE ACTION TODAY, for the cost of a bottle of  perfume,  my CD will help you to have all the confidence that you need, "TO REALLY GO FOR IT" and  potentially get everything that you want.

Ladies, Lets face it

Most women are living their fears instead of living their dreams.

As a woman your self-esteem and self-confidence (and not your looks)  is the most important part of your personality. It precedes and predicts your behavior and how you interact with other people.

Self-confidence is the energy source of your personality.  How much self- esteem  and confidence that you have determines your levels of  vitality, energy, enthusiasm and personal magnetism and charisma. Women with high self esteem and self confidence are happier, more positive, more likable, more successful, and more effective in every part of their lives.  Everything that you do or say or think will affect your behavior  and self- esteem  therefore it is critical is to keep your self confidence  high and positive on a continuing basis.

The way to do this is to program your subconscious mind with positive thoughts.

The way that you do this is with hypnosis.

I have your solution...

What I have is not sold in any bottle.  You can't get it through Avon, Mary Kay, Amway, Ulta or in any salon.

They don't even make a medication for it.

But using this program is like having cosmetics that,  "make up" or "make over" your insides.

How Would You Like Incredible Self-Confidence every second of every day of your Life so that you can instantly flip a switch, drop your baggage, flip off feelings of fear, negativity, anxiety  and hesitation...


This Self-Confidence &  Self -Esteem mp3 download or CD Program  For Women is the solution that YOU need.

Here is how it works:
Simply listen at bedtime with or without headphones and you will quickly drift off into a wonderful relaxed state of mind known as hypnosis. You will also sleep wonderfully all night long. During this time you will hear my soft gentle voice speaking to you while soothing piano and guitar music plays gently in the background. I will give your subconscious mind wonderful hypnotic affirmations which create high self esteem and  UNSTOPPABLE SELF CONFIDENCE.

In general you should listen every night for 30 nights. However most women  begin to think and feel confidently starting immediately. As a result you will begin to stand taller, radiate confidence, attract people to you and get what you want instead of whatever is leftover.
Oh and don't worry, you wont turn into an overly aggressive witch.

When you use this powerful program

It will make all the difference in the world and help guide you and take you  on your journey from where  you are in your life today to where you want to be.

As I said earlier, using this program is like having cosmetics that, "make up" or "make over" your insides.
But its  far better than cosmetics because
Cosmetics wash away in a day, Hypnosis lasts for a lifetime.
In just a few days…

You will overcome fear of failure! Because you will be totally focused on a positive outcome!


You will TAKE ACTION! Instead of just think about all the things that you know that you should be doing.

You will TAKE CONTROL! Instead of being sidelined by fearful thoughts.

You will be empowered with  thoughts and feelings  of, 

I am beautiful inside and out

I am strong and powerful

I am confident

I believe in myself

I CAN do anything

I believe in ME!

I'm having a beautiful day

Anything is possible

I Follow My Dreams

I CAN change the  world

I am worthy

I am loveable

I never give up

My smile is beautiful


I am awesome

I am smart

I'm smiling on the inside and on the outside.

I CAN make a difference

I can lead myself and others

You will attract other successful and positive people into your life.  Instead of being ignored by them because they will pick up on your  positive confident vibe.

You will create Your future! Instead of just getting what comes to you.

You will condition yourself for success! Because you will think positively and optimistically and confidently all the time.

You will feel, look, behave  and make decisions from a place of total self confidence! Because a program called TOTAL SELF CONFIDENCE will be running through your head!

Why Should You Get This CD or mp3  Program

Created by  Peak Performance Hypnotherapist Chris Cady. This  self confidence / self esteem program has improved the lives of hundreds of women or all ages.  Some have used this program  to OVERCOME FEARS, limiting beliefs,  improve, social situations at school or work,  home, business,  sports,  family...  Others have used it to improve sales at work, start their own business, to be better mothers, break out of some sort of slump or rut.... you name it.

Women have also used this so that they could have more confidence to get a better job or ask for a raise or start their own business.

This  amazing CD or download  comes with an unlimited NO QUESTIONS ASKED MONEY BACK GUARANTEE. ANY TIME EVER. If for any reason you feel that this hypnosis program does not give you and overall feeling of  well being, and all of the SELF CONFIDENCE THAT YOU WANT simply return it and I will refund 100% of the purchase price. (minus shipping and handling) 
I can offer you this  guarantee because I am 100%  confident that it will work for you!

$50.00 is dirt cheap for a lifetime of  Super Self-Confidence and HIGH Self-Esteem.


Ladies, fifty dollars is dirt cheap for a lifetime of confidence!
Cosmetics can only improve your confidence "so much" and they wash away in one day.
The rest of your confidence has to come from the inside.

To purchase this Super
Self Confidence Self Esteem
For Women CD or mp3


get it with paypal
and Ill ship it
to you

If you have a question

call 775-425-5847

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Regarding my Super Self Confidence For Women Improve Self Esteem and Self Worth program for women.

Women are very attentive and detail oriented so  I'm guessing that you watched the videos above
and you probably noticed that the cover does not say, "SELF CONFIDENCE FOR WOMEN" and  that the voice on video (which is my voice)  says
that the CD  works  for men and women.  Please note that even though the video shows a, "general self confidence  CD"
The  specific self confidence CD sold on this page is for WOMEN ONLY.

I do have another self confidence CD for MEN ONLY
and I still sell the "generic"  self confidence hypnosis CD that helps both men and women.
However I have found that  when I made  two different CDs that  address different self esteem and confidence issues of men and women, my clients started getting  far greater results in their lives.

Ladies, Take a Look At Some of My Testimonials

“Your Self Confidence For Women CD  Is  Like a Hypnotic Chicken Soup For The Soul”
“I feel like I just read a Chicken Soup For The Soul story and that  my soul is touched, hugged, inspired and motivated.”
-Stephanie ,  Phoenix, AZ

“Gave Me The Confidence To Meet and Network With New People!”

I got this program after I saw you perform because I have always had an overwhelming, irrational FEAR of  rejection.
As a young girl, it was  making new  friends at school. As an adult it is  making new business contacts at work related events.
My biggest personal challenge was  mingling with other business people who I didn't know at  social club meetings,  business meetings, conventions, association events etc.    It was so  bad that I'd come to these meetings and cling to  other women who I knew. I would also  try to hide out in the restroom.  This was  counter productive to making new contacts.
  I purchased your Self Confidence For Women CD and listened 5 x and went to a networking meeting  and for the first time I was relaxed as I drove there.  I got out of my car and  felt excited instead of  scared and  as I entered the banquet room, I felt emotionally BOLD, and BEAUTIFUL and  welcomed instead of like I  was in the wrong place  and wanted to  shrink and blend into the  curtains.  I actually  made eye contact, smiled at people and shook hands and chatted without feeling  uncomfortable.  I can't wait to see what happens over time.”
-Shannon ,  Santa Clara, CA

“Incredible Results Immediately”

Chris, I got your Super Self Confidence For Women CD after you performed at our  high school.  I was impressed by how you  controlled 500  students in our gym.  They normally destroy  whoever the guest speaker is. But with you they were compliant.    I  teach at this,  “at risk high school” ( in California.)  I  am a petite woman and due to my size many of the students and other teachers disrespect me and treat me like I'm a student.   I got this CD because you  told me that it could give me the confidence of a LION TAMER.   I  thought that was an interesting idea because  teaching  school is a lot like taming lions.   Using  your CD  has given me the internal emotional confidence that I needed to stand tall, take charge of my classroom, be assertive, establish female dominance  and crack the whip!  Ever since I started with your CD. People have told me that my voice  has changed, I look like I'm taller or have been exercising.  I know it is because I'm now sending out a  confident  energy that they pick up on.  I feel like I spend less time on discipline and  more time  teaching.  I also figure out how to get through to certain kids instead of just  getting frustrated with them. Also I notice that all the events of the day  no longer  wear me out and get to me.”
Thank you
Miss. _ , CA ( name and city  removed by request)

“I Feel Good! And I Know That I Should!”
“I have always felt uncomfortable about my appearance because of  my weight.
Your self confidence for women CD has done wonders for how I feel about myself.  Even though I know I'm  physically a big girl. I feel like a  supermodel and I  no longer dwell on my weight and I no longer allow it to hold me back.”
(Name removed)

"Ever since I started listening to your Self Confidence CD I feel like every day is a bright sunny day."
Shelia A, Sunshine  USA ( Yes I changed the name of the city)

“Incredible Results Immediately”

Your  Self Confidence For Women CD arrived on Saturday and
I went a overboard and listened to your CD 3 x the first day and 5 x the next day. Plus that night. I went off to sleep  much faster and woke up feeling  REFRESHED!
THEN   MAGIC HAPPENED!   I went back to work on Monday and  within 5 minutes of being  in the office a co-worker said, 'YOU LOOK DIFFERENT” and “ Did you just get back from vacation?
Another one said, “ Do you have a new man in your life?”
I have been listening  every night and
For the next weak  I got compliments like, “Did you join a gym.”  “ I like this new person” 
Then I did join a gym.    I just fell great about myself.
Thank you! The Super Self Confidence For Women CD is AWESOME!!!
Karla, Houston TX.

“I Broke Out of My slump!
Chris, in a nutshell I have been in a  slump in every  area of my life for years.
This CD helped break  me out of my emotional slump and got me   REFOCUSED on CANS  and not CANT'S.  Now I actually
'DO IT' instead of just talk about it.”

“This Confidence For Women CD is An Emotional Make Over”

“From Frumpy and  Dumpy To New and Dynamic.”
I have been told that  my wardrobe is frumpy and dumpy. I guess it  reflected my emotional state.   
I got your Self Confidence For Women CD with  an expectation of some improvement in my confidence but I had no idea it would  really be like rocket fuel as you had stated.  I listened to your CD 2 x the first day that I got it and  it  was wonderful  I FELT MY CONFIDENCE AND SELF ESTEEM SOAR!!!!
I gave away all of my dumpy dark bag lady clothes, went and joined a gym and I have gone every night  for  3 weeks.   I purchased a new temporary  wardrobe as I'm losing weight and all of the colors are BRIGHT!
Thank you!
(Name removed)

“ I Feel like I CAN Do Anything!”

I live in Las Vegas and because I don't look like  a showgirl,  men ignore me and I have  had trouble getting good jobs because they all seem to only want  women who look like showgirls.  It wore me down emotionally.
Before I got this confidence CD I talked myself out of everything. Now I feel that I CAN do anything. This has improved my confidence tremendously. I even got a new job  and I don't feel judged all the time.  I feel like I CAN do anything and have decided to  take a new direction and my life. I will fill you in  later. More to come...”
Kristina,  Las Vegas, NV

"Using Your Self Confidence For Women CD Is Like Having A Fitness Coach
“But for your  heart body and soul.”
Rosie  S.  Sydney, Australia.

"You are like Tony Robbins but for women"
-Tonya, Vancouver B.C.

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