comedians stand up comedy class on dvd
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Learn Stand Up Comedy, Write Jokes, Become A Comedian
Do You Think You Are Funny?  Do You Dream Of Becoming A Stand Up Comedian?
Have You Been Trying Stand Up Comedy But Can't Figure Out Why You Are Not Getting Laughs? 
Discover The Secret To Turning Your Funny Ideas and Thoughts Into Jokes and A Stand Up Comedy Routine That Makes People LAUGH!
Attention Hopeful, New, Intermediate & Even Professional Comedians Too.
How Would You Like To Have One of Hollywood's Top Comedy Writers
and Comedy Coaches Teach You (on this 2 DVD Set)
How To Write and Perform Your Very Own Stand Up Comedy Routine In Just ONE Weekend.

His Comedy Class Program,
"Be Funny Fast.
How To Write & Perform Your Own Hilarious Comedy Routine In Just One Weekend"
is Affordable and Now Available On DVD!

Formerly Anatomy of Comedy.
How To Be A Comedian and
Write and Perform Stand Up Comedy)

Just watch it and you will know the same secrets to writing and performing great Jokes and comedy that this comedy genius used to help TV shows and comedians become and stay famous!

"I'm impressed By This DVD. It has lots of solid advice with useful insights. This can help anybody get on the proper path and reap great benefits...  anyone just getting started will find a lot that will be very helpful. I wish it had been available when I got started because it would have saved me a lot of frustration."
Dean Lewis, Comedian Last Comic Standing

Do YOU Dream of Telling Jokes, Funny Stories & Becoming a World Famous Stand Up Comedian?
It does not matter if you cant even tell a joke or a funny story or if you have never set foot on a stage before,  or if you are just starting out and you have performed at a few "open mic nights" or even if you are a working stand up comedian... It does not matter if you are going on Last Comic Standing, Americas Got Talent, or you need help taking a few random funny Ideas and developing a stand up comedy routine. It does not matter if you are "clean" or "dirty" and it does not matter if you are a child or an adult, man or a woman...

With This DVD You CAN START WITH NO EXPERIENCE And Write and Perform Like A Pro Very Quickly!

If you would like to learn how to be a STAND UP COMEDIAN and Write and Perform Stand Up Comedy

You need to watch the videos on this page and then read every word of this page right NOW!

You will discover the comedy writing secrets of a comedian and comedy coach who
wrote for Hollywood's greatest comedy shows and biggest stars.

including  The Tonight Show, CHEERS, MASH, S.O.A.P, Barney Miller, Rocky and Bullwinkle, Laugh In, Hollywood Squares, Murphy Brown, Hee-Haw,  and Dean Martin Roasts.

He wrote for Johnny Carson, The Smothers Brothers, Bob Newhart and more.

He performed STAND UP COMEDY with Lenny Bruce, Johnny Carson, George Carlin,  Jim Varney (aka Ernest / Hey Vern) Pat Morita ( Karate Kid, Happy Days)  Rocky LaPorte (from Last Comic Standing)  and more.. He coached Woody Harrelson and Ted Danson and other cast members of Cheers.

Now if you are under the age of 40 you might be thinking something wacky like,   "times have changed" and all of the shows and people mentioned above are old or  perhaps this information is obsolete.


You Will Learn The Same Secret EASY to Use Formulas, Ingredients and Techniques For Writing and Performing A Hilarious Comedy Routine that he showed hundreds of comedy students over the years.

You Will Learn How To Take A Funny Idea and turn it into a HILARIOUS  ROUTINE!

You will learn Comedic Timing,  Stage Craft, Delivery, Pacing

How To Develop Your Own Comedic Style and More!

It does not matter  if you are a man, woman, child, or if you are old or young...

These are the same secret tricks of the comedy trade that Mike Price used when he performed his own

Comedy Act and That He Used When He Wrote Comedy For 
Hollywood's Biggest Comedians and TV Shows Like Cheers, Rocky and Bullwinkle,  Laugh In, S.O.A.P, MASH and More.

Here's the deal:
For over 30 years Comedian, Hollywood comedy writer and legendary comedy coach, Mike Price held some of the most unusual and remarkable seminars and comedy classes ever.

He helped people from all walks of life become working stand up comedians, he helped novice comedians become headliners and he helped already famous comedians and actors take their comedy skills to the next level.

He performed with Lenny Bruce, Johnny Carson, George Carlin,  Jim Varney (aka Ernest / Hey Vern) Pat Morita, Rocky La Porte

He even helped me, "PUNCH UP" and improve my own comedy writing and performance skills for my comedy hypnosis show and this is why I'm  now his information with YOU.

My name is Chris Cady and I am a Stage Hypnotist.  After every show people ask me a lot of questions.   Most of the questions are about hypnosis but they are also often about comedy.

"How can I learn stand up comedy?"  " Can you teach me how to be funny" " Do you know of a good comedy coach or class do you have advice for me? etc

For years I have recommended 1 comedy coach and 1 comedy class (I will tell you why shortly)

The comedy coaches name is Mike Price and his comedy course  (now available on DVD) it is called,
"Be Funny Fast.
How To Write & Perform Your Own Hilarious Comedy Routine In Just One Weekend"

It  features him teaching a real comedy class where he  teaches students how to write and develop and perform their own comedy routine.    When you understand the  basics, "the bones"   and the secrets and the structure of comedy, you can apply this  structure to ANY  idea premise, or situation or style that you have.  It works for people of all ages, walks of life and even people who  think that they are NOT funny!


In the summer of 2007 I was looking for a good comedy coach or comedy writer who could help me to write better material for my comedy hypnosis show. I made a few calls and was pleased to learn that there was a famous comedy writer living here in Reno.  I telephoned him and we set up a brief meeting.   During our conversation he told me that he had a comedy class at a local community college starting the very next week, and I  signed up.  

On the first day of the class, I was surprised to learn that I was the only person in the class who was actually a working performer. Everyone else was from ordinary life and had no comedy, acting or performing experience. 

There were about 30 comedy students total:
College students, construction workers,  truck drivers, a cosmetic sales woman, customer service representatives, a retired psychologist, a poker dealer,  a mortgage broker, a grey haired old lady, an advertising sales guy and a newly married Russian immigrant (who told me she was not funny and was  only taking a comedy class so that she had an excuse to be away from her husband on a Saturday morning)

Mike explained to our comedy class, the structure and formula for extracting "the funny" from a situation and how to develop a comedy routine.  I was surprised how EASY  IT WAS and I began filling my notebook with ideas.

At the first break
I knew

During the break, my brain became flooded with more ideas, skits, funny lines and things that  just never  came to me before. 
At the end of the first day of comedy class
Mike told the class to start using the, "funny thinking method" and then formulas and ideas he gave us to  write up a rough routine that we would have to perform in front of the class the following week.   That's when the Russian immigrant turned to me and said, " Can you PAY someone to write your routine for you? I'm not funny!"
I looked at her and said, you are a Russian immigrant and you are newly married.  Don't you know all the stereotypes about Russians? "   She looked at me, made a fist, put her thumb to her lips  and mimicked  drinking an entire bottle of Vodka.

"Exactly!" I said.

Then I asked, "How long have you been married?"
She gave me a painful look, sighed, and said, "Ug! 3 months!"
I asked her if it was wonderful or hard being married and she said, "WAY harder than I thought. It feels like I have been married for  1000 years!"

I told her. "YOU ARE FUNNY!"

Then I told her, "Just write about Russian stereotypes and being married and all of your conflict in your relationship  and living in America.  Make fun of your accent and twist your words around."
She told me, "That's not funny!"

I said, "Your wrong! Just do that. Use all the info that Mike just showed you about comedy and use those ideas and I will see you  next week and I know that you are going to be great."

She looked at me like I was crazy. Then she went and told Mike what I suggested and he  told her that he agreed and he  asked her if she knew  about "Boris and Natasha" and if she knew about"Borat"
She did not know about "Boris and Natsha"  But she did know about "Borat" So he said,  "Go look up "Rocky and Bullwinkle and Boris and Natasha" and  see how they   mess with the language. Then work on your material."

Well here is what happened

All week long I used the  comedy writing  tricks and techniques that Mike Price shared with the comedy class.  ( you will learn these when you watch the comedy DVD)
I came up with a ton of  new material that was fairly funny.
This did not surprise me because I'm already creative.

But here is what

The very next week during the  3 hour comedy class
Each new comedy student got up in front of the class and  read off their rough  unpolished routine.
Everyone was VERY NERVOUS.

Some people shook, one cried, some stuttered some went blank and read off of notes...

Some people were mildly funny. They had  some good ideas but  didn't quite know where to go with them or how to  deliver a  "PUNCH LINE."

Mike would  show them how to add or subtract words and how to expand or exaggerate the idea or add a  gesture to emphasize a point.  He would  show them where to pause or how to  grossly exaggerate a part of the "set up" or the "punch line" so they would get a big laugh. Most of the time  it worked.  ( Keep in mind it was day  2 of the comedy class) 

Other people were down right bland.  They  hadn't really paid attention to what  Mike told them on the first day of comedy class and they had the personality of Comedian Stephen Wright (but just not on purpose)

But then there were comedy students
much like the Russian

that I mentioned who got up in front of the comedy class and had us rolling on the floor laughing! Basically she  was a female "Borat."  As I'm writing this just thinking about her comedy routine makes me  burst into laughter.
She developed an entire routine about  being Russian and  moving to America an being married. She used an exaggerated accent and she was AWESOME!

Then entire comedy class was  laughing hysterically and she was not really sure why  her routine was  so hysterically funny!

Several other people also came up with HILARIOUS very "out of the box" routines.

I was shocked, the other comedy class students were impressed, but Mike being the seasoned comedy teacher  that he is, took it all in stride and  explained why their material worked and how to make it even better by changing a few things.

What happened next
was every week for the next 5 weeks of comedy school
we perfected our comedy routines. We worked on style,  timing, pacing, movement, motions and more.
( You will see all of this if you get his comedy DVD.)

(Only in a place like Reno does a college class graduate in a BAR!)

The club was packed with maybe 300 people and out of 30 or so  "new comedians"  from Mike's comedy class.

Now  keep in mind all of the "comics" wee brand new with the exception of myself being the only one with any stage experience.

Also I'm very confident on stage. I don't have any stage fright and (I even  have a program that uses hypnosis to  help people eliminate stage fright) I LOVE being on stage and I know what I'm doing so  I knew I would be good.

But what really surprised me was  how INCREDIBLY FUNNY and HILARIOUS  and GREAT THAT most of the  brand new comedians  performing for their first time were.
  I hate to admit it but, I  was absolutely not the funniest that night. 

It just blew my mind that someone who was  BRAND NEW to comedy  could come into a class with  a very  undeveloped comedic idea and 5 weeks later develop it into an entire routine and be HYSTERICALLY funny for their FIRST TIME!

Do You Think You Can Be a Comedian Yet?
Why Not YOU?
Now here is the deal.  Even though Mike Price had held comedy classes and seminars for a very long time. He knew that one day he would  take his final bow. That's why he had two incredible  film makers   make a DVD of him teaching his comedy classes so that  one day YOU TOO could  also learn how  to be a stand up comedian.
Now regardless of where you live or who you are
you can have access to Mike's Comedy Class on DVD.

In November of 2011  Stand Up Comedian,  Comedy Coach, Hollywood Writer and my comedy  mentor  Mike Price took his final bow. 

He is now making God laugh along with all the other comedy greats.
For the last  3 years  his 

"Be Funny Fast.
How To Write & Perform Your Own Hilarious Comedy Routine In Just One Weekend"
(formerly, "The Anatomy of Comedy How to Be a Comedian DVD") has been off the market. But It is so awesome  that I made a deal with the films producers to sell it and that's why  you can now get it from me at a very low price.

So go ahead and  just  get one now because you absolutely can learn how to write and perform stand up comedy.

And I am here to help you because just like me…

You Have

Chances are that you are reading this because either you are a budding comedian, dreaming of setting foot on stage for the first time and you have a few funny ideas or people tell you that you are funny but you don't really  know what to do and how to develop your material.

When you first start performing comedy, everyone needs improvement. Some folks have a natural "knack"  and some are terrible and some are down right horrible but we all have a DREAM!

This DVD

"Be Funny Fast. How To Write & Perform Your Own Hilarious Comedy Routine In Just One Weekend"
Will most likely be the best comedy class or course that you can ever take.

Someone is going to be the next Jay Leno, Jim Carrey, Rocky LaPorte, Jim Gaffigan, Brian Regan,
Jerry Seinfeld, CK Lewis, Robin Williams, Joan Rivers, Richard Pryor, George Carlin, Chris Rock, Bill Cosby, Dave Chappelle or Larry The Cable Guy.

It might as well be YOU!

And if you  use this comedy course and you disagree


If at ANY TIME you feel that it  is a bunch of b.s. or it stops working for you or if it ever wears out, or breaks, I will replace it or refund all of your money!

Yes really, If this DVD doesn’t work for you for any reason simply send it back ANY TIME for a FULL REFUND! NO QUESTIONS ASKED!
Here's why: I got in to this profession to help people, not just to sell hypnosis and comedy programs so if the DVDs don't work for you then I'm not helping you.
I take all the risk. - Not you!
The DVDs will be sent in a discreet box with only my return address.

We are located at 8175 S. Virginia Street Suite 850-233 Reno, NV 89511

Go ahead Start LIVING YOUR DREAM and Get
"Be Funny Fast.
How To Write & Perform Your Own Hilarious Comedy Routine In Just One Weekend"

This 2 DVD course is better then any joke writing book or comedy class. It's better then any comedy school or class that you can find in your own home town.  This comedy class on DVD is absolutely awesome!


You'll See Comedy Teacher, Writer, & Comedian Mike Price
Discussing Stand Up Comedy & How You WILL Learn To Write & Perform Comedy.
Comedy Class Graduate Comedian Talks About His Experience In The Comedy Class

Discussing " Discovering" Comedian
David Letterman And Stand Up Comedy

Comedian TV Show Host David Park
Talks About Taking The Comedy Class
From Mike Price and his experience in the class
and how it worked for him.

Here Is a video of COMEDIANS Chris Rock, Jerry Seinfeld, CJ Lewis, Ricky Gervais, talking about writing and performing stand up comedy.
Its too complex for a new comedian so its not going to show you too much about how YOU can write a stand up comedy routine as a new budding comedian but Mike Prices Comedy Class DVD WILL.
Right above I  posted  video clips of Mikes Comedy Class. But down here
enjoy this Jerry Seinfeld Video on how he writes jokes and how to write stand up comedy.
I assure you that Mike Price Has a MUCH EASIER joke writing formula for YOU to follow.
Comedian Rocky LaPote Talks About
Stand Up Comedy & Mikes Style Teaching & Performing Comedy.
Mike's Stand Up Comedy School Graduates Speak Out