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Stops Hot Flashes
From Menapause

by Master Hypnotist
Chris Cady

ALL Star Peak Performance
Mental Training Center

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Attention Women With Menopause
If You Are Experiencing HOT FLASHES
And You Are Tired Of Being Hot and Sweaty
And You Would Rather Feel
Cool, Calm And Comfortable

This Will Be The Most Important Letter That You Ever Read
Here is Why:

My name is Chris Cady and I'm a hypnotist.
You might find it odd that a man can help you  cure your menopause problems
but I really  can.

I'm often asked, can hypnosis can help me with _____ ( insert any one of a million human issues here).
My answer is  almost always, " YES or maybe."

I say this because, "your mind controls your body."

So whenever someone asks me if  hypnosis could work in a certain area of their life
I always ask, " Is your mind involved in some way?"

After all  words, thoughts, feelings, images all  cause people to respond emotionally .

A few years ago after one of my hypnosis shows a lady asked  me if she could use hypnosis for stopping or curing her hot flashes and sweating that is due to menopause.

She offered me an idea for the type of, "hypnotic suggestion" that I would  place on the CD that would eliminate her hot flashes.

Her idea was that as soon as she felt  "hot," (which she said was  almost all the time,) she would picture  something COLD and use it to lower her temperature to a pleasant level.

I knew that I could do this because I frequently use hypnosis to lower and raise body temperature for other reasons. So I got to work on this program and  quickly realized that  I could  help women use hypnosis to eliminate their  hot flashes from  menopause quite easily.

Because I'm an eternal optimist and I'm willing to test everything I decided to give it a test.

Here is what happened.

I contacted a several  women who I knew and who are the age where I thought that they might be going through menopause and it turned out that 3 of them were  unfortunately going through menopause and  also experiencing this problem with hot flashes and irritability.

These women had been hypnotized by me previously  for other unrelated issues (all of which are unimportant to this situation) and they were optimistic that this could help them with their hot flashes due to  menopause)

So I created a hypnosis CD using wonderful, peaceful, relaxing music, and words that women would be profoundly responsive to for relaxation, calm and comfort followed by imagery for cooling the mind and body instantly as if one could flip a switch that would instantly turn on a personal air conditioning system.

The results were MAGIC!

They all experienced almost Instant and immediate cooling of the body, almost instant comfort, and almost  instant relief from menopause hot flashes and sweating.

I say almost instant because it took on average 2 nights to really notice a significant difference in how their body responded to the minds new suggestion.


Using this wonderful CD program that I created for women who are experiencing the nightmare of hot flashes, sweat and discomfort of menopause IS EASY!

Here is what you do:
Simply listen to  this CD at bedtime or as part of a nap.  You will hear my  gentle, voice along with some very beautiful, gentle guitar and piano music guiding you off to sleep.

Within a few minutes you will drift off into a wonderful sleep. During this time you will enter hypnosis and you will hear  hypnotic suggestions  that will give you the power to  regulate your  body temperature on command as needed.  You will sleep wonderfully, wake up feeling great and have  command over your body.

Its really that simple.
Oh, and if it does not work for you
just send it back for a full refund minus a few bucks for shipping and handling.
Fair enough?

Why not get started and order your Eliminate Hot Flashes CD today.

Love Tahoe mountains Chris Cady hypnosis magic valley near taho
Love Tahoe mountains Chris Cady hypnosis magic valley near taho