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For Test Anxiety

The CD / mp3 is called
"How To Beat, Destroy, Overcome, Cure
And Eliminate Your Test  / Exam Anxiety
Using Power Hypnosis."

The cost is $77.00

By Master Hypnotist
Chris Cady

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Please do not call
and whine about paying 77 bucks for a
CD that will help you overcome Test Anxiety.
Mine is the absolute most effective program available.
It is a lot cheaper then countless hours spent
being miserable and failing
in school and a lifetime
of dead end jobs.

I'm the Guy Who GETS YOU

I'm not the guy who almost
gets you the results.

Do You Get So Nervous or Stressed Out  Before or During Tests That You Choke and Do So Poorly
That You Can't Believe You Even Studied?

You Are Suffering From Test Anxiety. It does not matter if you are in college, high school, middle school,  or you are an adult taking a certification or career oriented test or exam...

If You Want To Eliminate, Beat,  Destroy and Overcome Your Test / Exam Anxiety  READ THIS NOW!

Attention Students (Of Any Age Or Area of Study)
If Taking Tests / Exams Makes You So Nervous and Anxious
That You Freeze Up "choke" and Forget Everything That You Studied

This is the most important letter that you will ever read.

Here is why:
In case you were wondering, there is no traditional counseling or  medication for test anxiety or exam anxiety.

Hypnosis is the solution.
5 Minutes From Now You Will Understand Why

Because I'm going to explain how this works in very simple and EASY to understand language and not medical mumbo jumbo.

And if you want a QUICK, EASY and EFFECTIVE Solution To Your  Test or Exam Anxiety
Hypnosis Can Help Even YOU!
But if you think that $77.00 is way to much to pay for a hypnosis program that will Beat, Destroy, Overcome, Cure And Eliminate your test  / exam anxiety,  help you relax, remember more, do better on your tests,  boost your self confidence, self esteem and make you a better student...
   this is not for you.
(After all I spent a heck of a lot  of time developing this EASY solution for students and I deserve to get paid very well for helping you.
Fair enough?)

To begin, it does not matter what  the subject is, many smart students put themselves under so much pressure and have so much fear of failure and making a mistake
that when it comes time to take a test
they become mentally paralyzed, stymied, stuck, and blocked. Both physically and emotionally.

This ultimately  prevents all of the  information that  you studied, or all of your skills, from flowing from the part of  your brain that stores information (just like a hard drive on a computer)  to  the part of your brain that  processes all of this information, decides the correct answer and then allows that information to  flow down your arm and into your hand and into your pen.

Get it?

You see,  whenever a person has a LOT of  nervousness or anxiety
the mind creates tension in the body and then your mind just sort of, "freezes up."

You usually feel it in your neck, shoulders, back, head and stomach.  But ultimately you notice it in your poor test results despite spending hours studying or practicing.

I will give you a brief physical example:

Baseball players, golfers, painters, sketch artists guitar, piano,violin players, marksmen and surgeons understand this because when they are under a lot of pressure they experience it in their hand, finger and arm motions and they see their hand, arms or fingers suddenly twitch or jerk and they make stupid mistakes.  ( They call this a "yip") This involuntary movement is due to tension in the mind which results in tension in the body.  But when these folks are relaxed, the arm, hand and finger movements are smooth and fluid and everything that they  know that they SHOULD be doing as a player just happens  automatically.   This is why some athletes play great under pressure and others choke. The folks who  perform great under pressure have learned the same  mental  relaxation secrets that you will while the ones who choke have not.

The same goes for a student of any age who is taking any kind of a test.  (Especially smart students who have high expectations put on them by parents, teachers and even by themselves.)

Yet when you are relaxed, calm and confident everything  that you have been studying just flows to you like magic.

How do I know all of this?

You see I'm a HYPNOTIST and I help people use hypnosis to eliminate all sorts of mental blocks, anxiety, nervousness, fears and phobias in my clients so that they can sky rocket their self confidence and get the most out of themselves.

I do it very quickly using  a very  relaxing  process called hypnosis.

Unless you are a total skeptic and dismiss me as a whacko here is what will happen when  you
use this CD to eliminate your Test Anxiety or Exam Anxiety (its the same thing)

All you will do is play the CD on your CD or on mp3 player at bedtime.  ( You will experience results almost immediately however continue listening to the program every night for 30 nights and again always the night before a test)

Here is how it this wonderful program works.
You will hear my calm voice and wonderful relaxing music gently  guiding you  through a relaxation process that will guide you off to sleep.
Due to the profound relaxation you enter a DREAM like state of mind  called, "hypnosis." This is the same part of your mind that you use while dreaming. It is responsible for all of your thoughts, feelings, memories and beliefs. It also  records everything that you experience in your entire life and your feelings about these matters ( including things that you study in school) and how you react to this information.

While under hypnosis you will hear suggestions for  feeling relaxed and calm and confident whenever taking any test or exam.

   When you wake up, you will feel absolutely fabulous all day long. You will have control over your emotions and you will be relaxed in any test taking situation. You'll also automatically respond to all of the questions and react clearly, calmly and rationally rather than with tension, frustration, and fear in these situations.

As a result, your mind and body will be calm and relaxed and everything that you studied will just flow to you like magic.

Do you understand now?

Oh by the way,  regardless of the subject or the  type of test or exam that you are taking, you WILL still have to study your material, You will still have to read, review, understand, practice or rehearse. There is no way around that.  ( I know that you were hoping that I would not say that part)   But the good news is that  you may eventually  find that you can study less because your brain is now working more effectively as a result of being more RELAXED and more FOCUSED.

This CD comes with a 100% money back guarantee. If you  don't feel totally relaxed and stress free while taking your tests or exams return it for a 100% refund. ANY TIME EVER!  NO QUESTIONS ASKED!

But you probably won't return it because

I'm the Guy Who GETS YOU

I'm not the guy who almost
gets you the results.

The CD is called
"How To Beat, Destroy, Overcome, Cure And Eliminate Your Test  / Exam Anxiety
Using Power Hypnosis."

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What I do is quick, easy and effective.


And I'm here to help you with that ....

So if you are interested in eliminating your test anxiety  that is holding you  back and keeping
you from getting to where you want to be ...

Count to 3 and Pull your thumb out of your behind and call me and  "Lets get er done"
Chris Cady, Master Hypnotist,
Reno, Nevada

Note: My test / anxiety elimination program will work for students of any subject and of any age. HOWEVER If you are a lawyer who found your way to this page because you are looking to reduce test / exam anxiety so that you can  pass your state bar exam. I have a different test / exam anxiety program specifically for you. The cost is $2,000 which may seem expensive to a law student but it is actually pennies based on all of the money that you will make suing folks over a lifetime. If you  are interested in this or any custom program call or email me.