how to think outside of the box using hypnosis

How To Think Outside of The Box
And Boost Your Creativity
Hypnosis  mp3 Download or CD

by Master Hypnotist
Chris Cady

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Please do not call
and whine about paying 77 bucks for a
program that will help you Think outside of the box
and improve your creativity and
overcome dull,stale, boring thinking.
It is a lot cheaper then countless hours spent
being miserable and thinking of the same old things over and over.

And Boost Your Creativity

If you are STUCK

And I'm here to help you with that ....

So if you are tired of being held back by  dull imaginative thinking and you  interested in being able to boost your out of the box creative thinking  skills

If you want to know how to think outside the box. If you want to be more creative, innovative, make better use your imagination  and come up with unique, original, innovative inventions,  ideas, products, systems, businesses, marketing ideas, "better ways of doing things."  If you want to create  beautiful original music, beautiful art, stories, or  new solutions in any area of life that you desire to  by, thinking "out of the box" instead of just being a copy cat.

This is the most important letter that you will ever read.

Here is why:

Most people would like to be able to  think outside of the box, but no matter how hard they try to, they can only think "inside the box" because  they are held back by so much  FEAR and stale thinking that they become mentally paralyzed, stymied, stuck, and blocked...

FEAR of the unknown, FEAR of having to be perfect and FEAR of making a mistake, FEAR of  being different,  or being ridiculed or criticised for offering ideas that are different  than the status quo.

That is why so many people talk about, "we need to think outside of the box" and then all they do is do more of whatever already exists.

Hypnosis Can Help Even You
Think Outside of The Box

But if you think that $77.00 is way to much to pay for a download mp3 or CD that will help you, "think outside of the box"
and come up with innovative ideas,   this is not for you.

You see,  whenever a person has any sort of fear or thinks analytically instead of, "in the moment"
your mind just sort of "freezes up."

But when you are relaxed, calm, confident and, "in the zone" everything just flows to you like magic. This is why so many musicians, artists  or inventors say things like, "It just came to me in a dream" 
What that means is that  they were making full use of  their imagination and they were not analyzing, criticizing or  holding themselves back with any sort of fearful thinking.

How do I know all of this?

You see I'm a HYPNOTIST and I help people use hypnosis to eliminate all sorts of mental blocks, anxiety, nervousness, fears and phobias I help folks boost creativity, sky rocket their self confidence and think outside of the box.

I do it very quickly using hypnosis.

With My "Think Outside of The Box Program"
I have  helped
advertising agency creative folks
design engineers
business people who need innovative solutions, and ideas
internet marketers
real estate sales people
special ed teachers
and other folks  who needed help with thinking creatively.

Unless you are a total skeptic and dismiss me as a whacko here is what will happen when you
use my hypnosis CD or download to, Think Outside Of The Box And Increase Your Creativity.

All you will do is play the CD on your CD or on mp3 player at bedtime every night for 30 nights and always before doing any sort of creative session.  Even though you will begin to see results immediately, keep listening for 30 nights in a row.

You will hear my calm voice and wonderful relaxing music gently guiding you off to a wonderful hypnotic sleep.
Then while under hypnosis you will hear suggestions for feeling relaxed and calm, confident, being creative, free, feeling unlimited, thinking outside of the box and making full use of your wildest imagination.

As a result your mind and body will be in CREATIVE MODE  (as needed)  and innovative out of the box ideas will just flow to you like magic. They will flow to you the same way  creative music flows to a musician, or artistic images to an artist, words to a writer or ideas to an inventor.
You will  write down your ideas, design, build, create, etc or take immediate action in whatever way is  appropriate to your situation

You will see!

This CD or mp3 download comes with a 100% money back guarantee. If you  don't feel  like you are getting the results that you want simply return it for a 100% refund. ANY TIME EVER!  NO QUESTIONS ASKED!


What I do is quick, easy and effective.


And I'm here to help you with that ....

So if you are tired of being held back by  dull imaginative thinking and you  interested in being able to boost your out of the box creative thinking  skills

Count to 3 and Pull your thumb out of your behind and call me and  "Lets get er done"
Chris Cady, Hypnotist,
Reno, Nevada

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